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Keithley 2790-L

Keithley 2790-L

SourceMeter Switch System with One Low Voltage Card

The Keithley 2790-L is one of our Factory New Single-module Systems for Low Voltage/Resistance-only Programmable Current Applications.

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Price: $4,473.30

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The Model 2790-L is configured for low voltage source/ohms-only measurement applications, such as continuity-only testing of side/seat airbags and seatbelt pre-tensioners or other programmable I-source resistance applications in which high voltage resistance testing is not required but precise control of source current is.


With the addition of a Model 7702 40-channel differential multiplexer module (part of the Integra family of switch/measure solutions), the Model 2790-L + Model 7702 opens the door to higher channel count applications, such as hi-pot/continuity testing of connectors, harnesses, and power distribution devices up to 500V (internally sourced) up to 40 channels.


  • Keithley 2790-L Features:
    • Single-instrument solution for continuity and hi-pot type leakage resistance measurements
    • Programmable constant V source (50-500V) supports high speed, high resistance measurements
    • Programmable constant I source (0-50mA) with dry circuit clamp helps prevent device stress or damage during low resistance measurements
    • Modular architecture adapts easily to single or dual inflator testing and to single or dual position test stands and mixed device/signal applications
    • Expandable multiplexer channels for multipin applications
    • Included 6-1/2 digit DMM with wide functionality and broad measurement ranges
    • Intelligent automation support and easy integration with external test hardware
    • GPIB, RS-232, and digital I/O interfaces for flexible controller options
    • SCPI programmable for simple code development and future extensions
    • 2-year calibration cycle of modules minimizes maintenance costs and system downtime

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