Keithley 4200-SCS

Keithley 4200-SCS

Semiconductor Characterization System

The Keithley 4200-SCS is a Factory New Semiconductor Characterization System.

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The easy-to-use Keithley 4200-SCS Semiconductor Characterization System performs lab grade DC and pulse device characterization, real-time plotting, and analysis with high precision and sub-femtoamp resolution. The Keithley 4200-SCS offers the most advanced capabilities available in a fully integrated characterization system, including a complete, embedded PC with Windows operating system and mass storage. Its self-documenting, point-and-click interface speeds and simplifies the process of taking data, so users can begin analyzing their results sooner. Additional features enable stress-measure capabilities suitable for a variety of reliability tests as well as provide precision measurement and high resolution with LCR meter support.