NF Corporation 105

NF Corporation 105

Arbitrary Waveform Editor

The NF Corporation 105 is one of our Factory New Arbitrary Waveform Editors.

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NF Corporation 105 Features:

  • For use with the WF1943B, WF1945B, WF1944B, WF1946B, WF1965 and WF1966 Multifunction Synthesizers
  • Works superbly with PCs, for a broader range of applications

Waveform generation functions:

  • Standard waveform, function expressions, and linear and spline interpolations that specify control points

Waveform editing functions:

  • Copy, cut, and paste, plus horizontal and vertical compression and expansion, four arithmetic operation

Transfer functions:

  • Transfer waveform data, setting parameters, etc., via a USB or GPIB interface

Display functions:

  • Display or edit generated waveforms and digital patterns, and read markers

File operations:

  • Save or load waveform data, setting parameters, waveform function expressions, etc.

System requirements:

  • OS: Windows2000, XP
  • GPIB Interface:
  • PCI-GPIB, PCMCIA-GPIB, GPIB-USB-A/-B (National Instruments),KPCI-488, KUSB-488 (Keithley Instruments)

The NF Corporation 105 Arbitrary Waveform Editor, which facilitates generation of complex waveforms, is bundled as standard equipment. Simply connect to a PC via the USB or GPIB interface to enable use of a wide array of applications. Complex waveforms can be easily generated by software to create arbitrary waveforms.