NF Corporation BA4825

NF Corporation BA4825

2 MHz, High Speed Bipolar Amplifier

The NF Corporation BA4825 is one of our Factory New 2 MHz, High Speed Bipolar Amplifiers.

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NF Corporation BA4825 Features:

  • Broadband: DC to 2MHz
  • High-power output voltage: 100Vrms (300Vp-p), 0.5Arms
  • High slew rate: 500V/μs
  • Low output impedance: 0.5Ω+1.5μH or less (typ.)
  • Bipolar output: Four-quadrant operation that enables positive and negative voltage and current to be supplied (source) and absorbed (sink).
  • Multiple functions: Output polarity switching, output range shift, output monitoring, external output on/off control, DC bias addition, and DC offset adjustment


  • Driving and evaluation of piezoelectric elements
  • Test and evaluation of display devices
  • Power amplifier for signal or pulse generators
  • Measurement of magnetizing characteristics (B-H curves)
  • Driving of elastic surface wave ultrasonic motors and comb tooth-shaped electrodes in the field of nanotechnology and MEMS
  • High-frequency ripple tests of capacitors
  • Development of ink jet application technology
  • Characteristics tests for semiconductors such as diodes and SCRs
  • Characteristic test for the devices such as relays and switches
  • Research and development of IC cards
  • Driving use of devices and materials and other R&D use in the leading edge technology field

The BA4825 is a  power amplifier that handles DC to 2 MHz.,  signals and output broadband, high speed, and high voltage (300 Vp-p max) bipolar (both positive and negative polarities) outputs. While ordinary DC power supplies only supply one-way currents, the BA4825 amplifier supplies (source) and absorbs (sink) currents, and handles positive and negative voltages as well, because it operates across all four quadrants.