NF Corporation BP4610

NF Corporation BP4610

Bipolar Amplifier

The NF Corporation BP4610 is one of our Factory New Bipolar Amplifiers.

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NF Corporation BP4610 Features:

  • Built-in 255-step sequential signal source
  • Voltage/Current output for four quadrants
  • High power : ±60V (Can be shifted) ±10A (30Ap-p)
  • Wide band: DC to 150kHz (CV)
  • Constant voltage (CV) / Constant current (CC) operation selectable
  • Response calibration function
  • Voltage/Current limiter, measurement display function
  • USB interface and external analogue input
  • Available for Sequence Editing Software (BP0421E optional)


  • For power supply voltage fluctuation test on 12V/24V/42V vehicle electrical and electronic component
  • As a constant current power supply for generating magnetic field
  • As a constant current power supply for capacitor
  • As a constant current power supply for plating etc.

The BP4610 has a fully equipped specification providing high voltage, high current, high speed, and constant current operation, with Built-in Sequential Signal Source. High voltage required in testing 12V/24V/42V vehicle electrical and electronic components, high current necessary for large parts, high speed required in driving actuators, and furthermore, constant current operation effective in driving solenoids with low impedance. With enriched specfication satisfying all such requirements, BP series responds to the needs in developement of devices and device testing.

The BP4610 is a power supply for testing vehicle electrical and electronic components/motor/solenoid/large capacitors and as electronic load for testing power supplies/batteries and can be used for various applications.