NF Corporation CK1615

NF Corporation CK1615

Clock Synthesizer

The NF Corporation CK1615 is one of our Factory New Clock Synthesizers.

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NF Corporation CK1615 Features:

  • Frequency range: 1kHz to 100MHz
  • Frequency resolutioin: 1mHz (maximum 12 digits)
  • Internal time-base frequency accuracy: ± 5ppm; aging: ± 2ppm/year
  • High stability time-base frequency (option) accuracy: 0.1ppm (at shipment); aging : ± 0.5ppm/year
  • External time-base frequecy: 10MHz ± 20ppm
  • Frequency switching time: 5ms or less
  • Output voltage: -2.00V to +7.00V/open
  • Rise and fall time: 10% to 90%, 50 ohm terminal (amplitude setting [V/open] / 2.5+0.6) [ns] (typ.), approx.
  • Interface: GPIB (option:1911)
  • Power requirements: AC100V, 115V or 230V ± 10%, switchable
  • Dimensions (mm): 216(W) X 132.5(H) X 290(D)
  • Weight: Approx. 4.2kg
  • High speed and high resolution  
  • High accuracy
  • External clock input 
  • Variable output voltage
  • Low jitter output


  • Read and write test of Hard Disk Drive, DVD, Mini Disk
  • Aging test of computer peripherals
  • Operation Test of next generation mobile communication system
  • Operation test of LSI
  • Test of polygon mirror

The NF Corporation CK1615 is a high speed digital signal(square wave) generator. Output level is possible to apply various devices which are TTL, CMOS, ECL and GaAs. It is possible to use for testing trial digital boards.