NF Corporation EPO18000M

EPO18000M NF Corporation AC Source

AC Power Supply Multi Phase 18 kVA

The EPO18000M is a 18000 VA AC Source from NF Corporation. AC Sources supply AC voltage and current to test, design, and troubleshoot electric and electronic circuits. Applicationns include Research, Design, ATE applications, and QA to name a few.

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NF Corporation EPO18000M Features:

  • 18kVA, Multi Phase
  • M style cabinet x 3 sets
  • Maximum in rush current: 2.8 times maximum current (rms)
  • Maximum peak current: 4 times maximum current (rms)
  • Maximum output power: 11421 Watts
  • High efficiency with low input current
  • Maximum peak current up to four times of the rated value
  • Stabilization and improvement of waveform
  • In Rush Current 
  • High stability mode secures the performance of L, C load
  • Equipped for a wide range of output voltages and output frequencies
  • Free from external measuring instruments
  • Protection function, Memory function
  • Appropriate for DC/DC converter testing and Failure Diagnosis Function


  • Variable voltage transformer and motor generator substitution As a VVVF power supply
  • As a CVCF power supply for production and inspection lines
  • As power supply for motor-driven devices like vacuum cleaners and air conditioner
  • A power supply for anechoic chambers and shield rooms
  • A machine power supply for aging

The EPO18000M is one of a line of epoch-making power supplies, using a new method of power amplifier unit. They provide high efficiency (approx. 76%) unimaginable with previous products, while being even more light weight and compact. These epoch-making AC/DC power supplies feature even further improvements to standard features such as the flexibility, high output stability, and powerful supplies of electric power that NF power supplies are known for.

The NF Corporation EPO Models offer a wide range of output voltage and frequency and can offer versatile applications such as frequency converter for domestic,voltage change for overseas equipment, and also to testing aircraft and vessel's appliance, etc.