NF Corporation EPO2000X

EPO2000X NF Corporation AC Source

AC Power Supply Single Phase 2kVA

The EPO2000X is a 2000 VA AC Source from NF Corporation. AC Sources supply AC voltage and current to test, design, and troubleshoot electric and electronic circuits. Applicationns include Research, Design, ATE applications, and QA to name a few.

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NF Corporation EPO2000X Features:

  • 2kVA, Single Phase
  • Light weight : 25kg
  • Compact size : 448(W) x 176(H) x 651(D)mm
  • Max. output power: 1.3kW, 2.6kW with 2 connected units, 3.9kW with 3 connected units
  • Used as a master or a booster
  • Up to 3 units of the same type can be linked together.
  • Compact and Light-weight
  • System upgrading, Phase mode selectable
  • High efficiency with low input current
  • Maximum output peak current
  • Stabilization and improvement of waveform
  • In Rush Current 

Phase mode selectable(single phase/three phase/single phase three wire)

  • EPO2000X 2 sets : single phase 4kVA, single phase three wire 4kVA
  • EPO2000X 3 sets : single phase 6kVA, three phase 6kVA

The Single phase 2kVA is our basic unit. It can be used as a master or a booster. You can link up to three units of the same model and the EPO2000X allows phase mode selectable output, making it easy to build a 4kVA single phase/single phase three wire system with two units or a 6kVA single phase/three phase system with three units. The EPO2000X is a flexible unit that can accommodate the refabrication common on production lines.