NF Corporation ES 4473

NF Corporation ES 4473

Interface Board

The NF Corporation ES 4473 is one of our Factory-New Interface Boards.

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NF Corporation ES 4473 Features:

  • Equipped with GPIB and RS-232
  • VCA inputs and addition inputs available

The ES4473 is an interface board that allows you to control the system from an external computer connected through a GPIB or RS-232 interface when connected to the rear panel of the ES2000U, three-phase master.

In addition, a connector for signal I/O with an external device is provided to make available the following extended functions:

  • VCA (modulation) and ADD (adding superimposition) are performed for output from the main unit by using an external analog signal.
  • By using a GPIB or RS-232 interface, 8-bit general-purpose data can be output to an external device
  • Operation status data of the main unit (output on/off and overload) can be output to an external device


Using this device together with the ES0406 low-frequency immunity test program, you can conduct low-frequency immunity tests that comply with immunity standards. A personal computer having a GPIB interface is necessary to run ES0406.