NF Corporation P-83

NF Corporation P-83

48dB/oct Filter For the MS-500 Series

The NF Corporation P-83 is one of our Factory-New 48dB/oct Filters For the MS-500 Series.

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NF Corporation P-83 Features:

  • For the MS-500 Series
  • Four modes: Lowpass (Maximum Flatness and Phase-Linear),Highpass and THRU
  • 16 selectable points for highresolution control of cutoff frequency
  • Cascade mode enables simple cascade connection to neighboring units
  • Input ground line is floatable, enabling the elimination of induced noise caused by ground loops
  • Cut-off frequency range: 1Hz to 16kHz
  • Rolloff: 48dB/oct
  • No. of amplifier and filter units: Maximum of 4 channels
  • Cutoff frequency setting: 1, 2…15, 16 (16 points), plus multipliers
  • Input method: CASCADE (The output of left-side unit is connected.), FLOAT, GND (single-ended input)
  • Input impedance: 100k ohm // 40pF
  • CMRR: 60dB or greater (DC to 1kHz)
  • Output voltage: ±10V
  • Phase matching between the same type units: P-81 : ±1° typ.,  P-82 : ±1.2° typ., P-83 : ±1° typ.,  P-84 : ±2.2° typ. (LP, DC to 2fc, purchased together)