NF Corporation WF1974

NF Corporation WF1974

2 CH, 30 MHz, Multifunction Generator

The NF Corporation WF1974 is one of our Factory New 2 Channel, 30MHz,  Multifunction Generators.

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NF Corporation WF1974 Features:

  • Frequency accuracy: ± (3 ppm of setting + 2 pHz) (External frequency reference of 10 MHz usable.)
  • Frequency resolution: 0.01 µHz
  • Frequency range: 0.01 µHz to 30MHz
  • Amplitude accuracy: ± (1% of amplitude setting [Vp-p] + 2 mVp-p)/open
  • Phase setting resolution: 0.001° (setting range: –1800.000° to +1800.000°)
  • Duty setting range: 0.0000% to 100.0000%; resolution: 0.0001%
  • Pulse wave rising/falling time: 15.0 ns to 58.8 Ms; 3-digit resolution/0.1 ns
  • Resolution of arbitrary waveform data amplitude:  16 bits
  • Input/output signal ground independent of housing and signal ground between channels also insulated
  • Output voltage under specified load impedance can be set and displayed
  • External signals can be added and output
  • Up to ten settings can be saved
  • USB and GPIB interfaces
  • LabVIEW driver included
  • Power supply input for 90 V AC to 250 V AC enables worldwide use
  • Waveform display (TFT color LCD with the QVGA high resolution)
  • Continuous, burst/trigger/gate, internal/external modulation, sweep, and sequence oscillation
  • Two independent channels,  two phases, constant frequency difference, constant frequency ratio, and differential output
  1. Above all else, function generators must be very accurate. The WF1974 is a  high-specification instrument that delivers exceptional precision, stability and reliability in support of a wide variety of applications.