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NF Corporation ZM2371

NF Corporation ZM2371

100 kHz LCR Meter

The NF Corporation ZM2371 is one of our Factory New 100kHz LCR Meters.

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NF Corporation ZM2371 Features:

  • Basic accuracy: 0.08 %, display resolution of 6 digits (max.)
  • Measurement speed: Max. 2 ms at 1 kHz
  • Measurement frequency: 1 mHz to 100 kHz, 6-digit resolution
  • Measurement signal level: Max. 5 Vrms, 3-digit resolution
  • Measurements parameters: Lp, Ls, Cp, Cs, Rp, Rs, |Z|, |Y|, G, Q, D, , X, B, Rdc
  • Internal DC bias: 0 V to +2.50 V
  • Constant-voltage/constant-current drive (ALC: Auto Level Control)
  • DC resistance measurement

ZM2371 covers a frequency range of 1 mHz to 100 kHz.  The resolution can be set to 6 digits making it possible to perform measurements at frequencies actually used for a variety of components, in addition to evaluation of the frequency dependence of the parameters.

Measurement speed is selectable from 5 levels: RAP (rapid) , FAST, MED, SLOW and VSLO (very slow). When set to RAP, high-speed measurement at 2 ms (1 kHz/1 MHz) or 10 ms (120 Hz) can be performed. This high-speed, high-precision LCR meter will help to improve the measurement efficiency of production lines and automatic inspection equipment.

The measurement signal level can be set at a resolution of 3 digits to 10 mVrms to 5 Vrms, or 1 μArms to 200 mArms. In addition, by means of the automatic level control (ALC) functions, constant voltage and constant current mode can be set, making it possible to perform measurements with high reproducibility at a stable signal level that takes into account the voltage and current dependence of the sample.