Quantum Composers 8538

Quantum Composers 8538

8 Channel Pulse Generator Board 250ps Resolution

The Quantum Composers 8538 is one of our Factory New 8 Channel Pulse Generator Boards with 250ps Resolution.

Price: $3,400.00



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The 8000 series board level digital delay generators retain all functionality of the standard pulse generators in an easy to integrate package.

These boards provide a cost-effective method to create and synchronize multiple sequences, delayed triggering, or any precisely timed series of events. We offer optional computer interfaces for ease of programming and full integration support.

  • 1 ns or 250 ps timing resolution
  • Fully independent channel outputs
  • Computer Interfaces
  • Full Integration and Product Support Offered
  • 2 Year Warranty


The Model 8530 Digital Delay / Pulse Generator represents the latest in timing and synchronizing capabilities. The 8530’s eight independent outputs, dual trigger/gate inputs and external clock reference input make it ideal for laser system timing applications. The system can directly phase lock to an external timebase up to 100 MHz in frequency and down to 20 mV in amplitude. This allows synching directly to a laser photodiode signal and provides complete system timing relative to the laser timing with low jitter. The 8530 also provides a Clock Output that is capable of driving a 50 ohm load and can be used to provide a master timebase to other delay generators or equipment.

The core technology in precision timing of the 9530 offers 250 ps Delay & Width resolution and 50 ps internal jitter. Optional Ethernet / USB interface, complex burst sequences, Divideby- N, Setting Profiles, Dual Triggers, Clock Divider, Pulse Picking and Negative Delays allow users great flexibility in setting up an experiment or synchronizing multiple events. Full board integration and support is provided.


Key Features
250 ps timing resolution
50 ps jitter
4 or 8 fully independent outputs
Internal rate generator – 10 ns period resolution over
entire frequency range (20 MHz)
Provides 12 memory storage slots
Optional Remote programmability – RS232, USB and Ethernet
Dual inputs (gate and/or trigger)
TZ50 50 ohm output Module
Dual Trigger Input
Pulse Incrementing


TZ50 - 50 Ohm Output Module

The TZ50 option allows a user to have a 50 ohm load on the output while maintaining an output amplitude of at least 4 Volts while in the TTL/CMOS mode.

DT15 - Dual Trigger Input

The DT15 module option allows the Gate input to double as a second trigger input.

I-Pulse Increment Option for the 9520 Series

The (I) increment modes for the 9520 series Pulse Generators are a pair of special modes which allows the delay and width of each channel to be incremented at the end of a burst of pulses.