Quantum Composers 9518 Plus

Quantum Composers 9518 Plus

8 Channel Digital Delay Pulse Generator

The Quantum Composers 9518PLUS is one of our Factory New 8 Channel Digital Delay Pulse Generators.

Price: $4,400.00



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The QC 9518PLUS pulse generator provides a cost-effective, yet highly flexible and functional approach for your synchronization and timing needs.Flexible operating modes allow complete control of pulse outputs, including continuous, duty cycle, burst and single shot with external trigger/gate. Advanced features such as Multiplexing allow the timing of all or several channels to be combined for complex pulse patterns.

  • Quantum Composers 9518PLUS Features:
    • 8 independent outputs controlling:
      • Pulse width & delay
      • Amplitud
    • Modes: burst, duty cycle, continuous, single shot, channel multiplexin
    • Less than 400 ps jitter and 1 ns timing resolution
    • USB, RS232, GPIB Standard. Ethernet optional
    • 12 programming memory storage locations
    • Free LabVIEW driver