Quantum Composers 9612 Plus

Quantum Composers 9612 Plus

Digital Delay / Pulse Generators

The Quantum Composers 9612PLUS is one of our Factory New Digital Delay Pulse Generators with 2 independent outputs.

Price: $1,700.00



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The Model 9612PLUS Digital Delay-Pulse Generator with 2 independent outputs is our most affordable digital delay/pulse generator - Ideal for applications that require moderate precision and multi-channel capability. The delay and pulsewidth for each channel are independent with 2-20 volt output range, allowing the user to drive a wide range of load circuitry. The instrument offers several operating modes, including continuous, burst, single shot and external trigger/gate, allowing complete control of the pulse outputs. With precise control of the delay periods and quick recall of up to 6 system configurations, the instrument is instantly ready for use. For automated test equipment, complete control of the instrument is provided through the standard RS232 interface - GPIB interface optional.

  • Quantum Composers 9612PLUS Features:
    • 10 ns resolution - <5 ns jitter
    • Store up to 6 system configurations
    • RS232 and GPIB interface available
    • Flexible operating modes