Tektronix SMK4

Tektronix SMK4 Adapter Micro-Grabbers; Probe Attachment for small Geometry Leads

Adapter Micro-Grabbers; Probe Attachment for small Geometry Leads

The Tektronix SMK4 is one of our Factory New Adapter Micro-Grabbers; Probe Attachment for small Geometry Leads.

Price: $160.00



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The SMK4 is an interface device which can attach to fine-pitch IC leads similar to the SMG50. The difference between the SMK4 and the SMG50 is the size. The SMK4 can be used to attach to PQFP packages up to a pitch of 0.5 mm which is five times smaller than the SMG50.

The kit of four 0.5 mm SMK4 Micro KlipChip Adapters are for use as probe tip accessory replacements with the P6247/P6246 and as a recommended accessory for the probes listed below, which can attach to the SMK4 0.025 in. lead.

The increasing use of surface mount technology (SMT) brings many benefits to electronic circuit board (ECB) design and manufacture. Among these are increased circuit density, increased product reliability, and lower assembly costs.

Troubleshooting and device interconnection, however, have become more difficult due to decreased device size, tighter lead spacing and increased ECB densities. Tektronix' offering of the following SMT probing and interconnect devices meets these demanding requirements.

Tektronix SMK4 Features:

  • Hand Probe Fine-pitch SMD Package
    • 25 mil JEDEC
    • 0.65 mm EIAJ
    • 0.5 mm EIAJ
  • Thin Clip Body Width Allows Many PQFP Clips to Be Mounted Side-by-side and Simultaneously Tested



  • Research and Design
  • Manufacturing Test of SMD Circuitry
  • Servicing of SMD Circuitry
  • Prototype Debug and Design