Tektronix SVE

Tektronix SVE SignalVu WideBand RF Analysis

SignalVu WideBand RF Analysis

The Tektronix SVE is one of our Factory New SingalVu Wideband RF Analysis options.

Price: $1,990.00

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Features & Benefits

  • Trigger
    • Integrated RF signal analysis package lets you take full advantage of oscilloscope settings
    • Pinpoint™ triggering offers over 1400 combinations to address virtually any triggering situation
  • Capture
    • Direct observation of microwave signals without need of an external down converter
    • All signals up to the analog bandwidth of oscilloscope are captured into memory
    • Customize oscilloscope acquisition parameters for effective use of capture memory
    • FastFrame segmented memory captures signal bursts without storing the signal's off time
    • Supports RF, I and Q, and differential I and Q signals using the oscilloscope's 4 analog inputs
  • Analyze
    • Extensive time-correlated, multidomain displays connect problems in time, frequency, phase, and amplitude for quicker understanding of cause and effect when troubleshooting
    • Power measurements and signal statistics help you characterize components and systems: ACLR, Multicarrier ACLR, Power vs. Time, CCDF, OBW/EBW, and Spur Search
    • AM/FM/PM Modulation and Audio Measurements (Opt. SVA) for characterization of analog transmitters and audio signals
    • Settling Time Measurements, Frequency, and Phase (Opt. SVT) for characterization of wideband frequency-agile oscillators
    • Advanced Signal Analysis Suite (Opt. SVP) – Automated pulse measurements including rise time, pulse width, and pulse-to-pulse phase provide deep insight into pulse train behavior
    • General Purpose Digital Modulation Analysis (Opt. SVM) provides vector signal analyzer functionality
    • Flexible OFDM analysis (Opt. SVO) of 802.11a/g/j and WiMAX 802.16-2004 signals
    • Frequency offset control for analyzing baseband signals with near-zero intermediate frequencies (IF)
    • Tektronix OpenChoice® makes for easy transfer to a variety of analysis programs such as Excel and Matlab