Wayne Kerr 3261AAB

Wayne Kerr 3261AAB

Telecom Unit

The Wayne Kerr 3261AAB is one of our Factory New Telecom Units.

Price: $9,570.00



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  • Wayne Kerr 3261AAB Features:
    • Automatically test telecom transformers in a production environment
    • Measures Total Harmonic Distortion, longitudinal and transverse balance, Insertion Loss and Return Loss
    • Fast, accurate and repeatable automatic measurements
    • Straightforward intuitive operation
    • Graph longitudinal and transverse balance, and insertion and return loss against frequency
    • Suitable for ADSL, HDSL, ISDN, analog line matching transformers and POTS splitters
    • Accurate DC bias current
    • Low cost compared to comparable equipment
  • Includes:
    • THD
    • Longitudinal & Transverse Balance




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