Wayne Kerr 3265B/25A

Wayne Kerr 3265B/25A

25A 1MHz DC Bias Unit

The Wayne Kerr 3265B/25A is one of our Factory New DC Bias Units.

Price: $9,805.00



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  • Wayne Kerr 3265B/25A Features:
    • Not campatible with the 3255BL
    • 500kHz with 3255B,1MHz with 3255BQ&3260B 
    • Testing wound devices under application conditions
    • 25 mA to 5 A, 10A or 20A of DC bias current in 0.025 A steps
    • Up to 11 V DC compliance voltage
    • Applicable for measurement functions L, R, D, Q, Z
    • Wide frequency range of 20 Hz to 3MHz
    • 0.1% basic accuracy
    • 4 or 2 terminal measurements
    • Up to 5 bias units may be connected in parallel to provide five times the output current
    • Up to 3 MHz and 50A is available when two 3265BQs are used
    • Safety interlock to protect operator from back-EMFs
    • Easily rack-mountable with inductance analyzer




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