Wayne Kerr 43100

Wayne Kerr 43100

LCR Meter 20Hz-1MHz

The Wayne Kerr 43100 is one of our Factory New LCR Meters.

Price: $7,855.00


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A range of easy to use LCR meters with comprehensive measurement functions.Accurate and fast measurements may be made from 20Hz to 1MHz (43100) making the 4300 series the ideal choice for many applications in the test or production environments.All 4300 series instruments may be externally controlled using the standard RS232, GPIB, USB, or LAN interfaces. LAN interface allows users to perform tests over the Internet.

  • Wayne Kerr 43100 Features:
    • 43100 20Hz - 1MHz
    • Parameters Z Rac C D L Q X B G Y Rdc (Option)
    • 0.1% basic accuracy
    • Drive level from 10mV to 2Vrms
    • Internal and external DC Voltage bias
    • GPIB / IEEE-488, RS-232, USB, and LAN interface
    • LCD Display, with easy-to-read characters
    • Protection against charged capacitors
    • Small size and light weight
  • Wayne Kerr 43100 Includes:
    • User Manual
    • Kelvin Clips
    • AC Power Cable


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Wayne Kerr 1EVA40120 Wayne Kerr 1EVA40120
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[1JCALRES 4300 Series]
Certificate of Calibration w/ Test Results

Wayne Kerr 43100 - Option Descriptions

Option Item Description
B1 Binning (cannot be fitted with B2)
B2 Binning Opto- Coupled (cannot be fitted with B1)
R DC Resistance