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Wayne Kerr 6430B (1J6430B)

Wayne Kerr 6430B (1J6430B)

Precision Component Analyzer 20Hz-500Hz

The Wayne Kerr 6430B is one of our Factory New Precision Component Analyzers.

Price: $8,950.00


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  • Wayne Kerr 6430B Features:
    • Fast automatic capacitor testing
    • High measurement accuracy on dissipation factor
    • Fast measurement speed
    • 0.02% basic measurement accuracy
    • Comprehensive measurement functions
    • Graphical sweep on all measurement functions
    • Characterize components to 3 MHz
    • Large LCD display and intuitive user interface



  Product Price Qty  
Wayne Kerr 1EVA40120 Wayne Kerr 1EVA40120
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Wayne Kerr 1EVA40100 Wayne Kerr 1EVA40100
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Wayne Kerr 1JCALRES (6430B 4330 6440) Wayne Kerr 1JCALRES (6430B 4330 6440)
Certificate of Calibration with Test Results
Product Price Qty  
[1JCALRES (6430B 4330 6440)]
Certificate of Calibration w/ Test Results

Wayne Kerr 6430B (1J6430B) - Option Descriptions

Option Item Description
B1 Binning (cannot be fitted with B2)
B2 Binning Opto- Coupled (cannot be fitted with B1)
C Multi-Frequency Capacitor Function
E Analysis Function (standard on 6440B)