Wayne Kerr 6505B

Wayne Kerr 6505B

Precision Impedance Analyzer 20Hz-5MHz

The Wayne Kerr 6505B is one of Factory New Impedance Analyzers.

Price: $17,335.00


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The 6500B series of Precision Impedance Analyzers provide precise and fast testing of devices at frequencies up to 120 MHz. Basic measurement accuracy is ±0.05% making the instruments the best in their class.

The accuracy and versatility makes these precision instruments the ideal choice for many different tasks and applications including passive component design, dielectric material testing and resonant frequency characterization.

Engineers need to evaluate component characteristics at high frequencies with very high levels of accuracy. The 65120B 120MHz Precision Impedance Analyzer is therefore ideal for many demanding tasks, combining accuracy and ease of use at an affordable price. If a maximum frequency less than 120MHz is required, other models are available in this range.


  • Wayne Kerr 6505B Features:
    • Precise high frequency impedance measurements
    • Maximum Frequency 5MHz.
    • 0.05% basic measurement accuracy
    • 0 to +40V DC bias voltage and 0 to 100mA DC bias Current (Option)
    • ±40V DC bias voltage (Option)
    • Comprehensive measurement functions
    • Easy to use with large colour TFT touch screen
    • Clear graphic displays aids measurements
    • Traditional LCR Meter mode for single and repetitive measurements
    • Resonance Search
    • Equivalent Circuit Analysis (Option)
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Fully programmable over GPIB and LAN
    • Keyboard and mouse optional control
    • Competitively priced



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[1JCALRES 6500 Series]
Certificate of Calibration w/ Test Results

Wayne Kerr 6505B - Option Descriptions

Option Item Description
B1 Binning (cannot be fitted with B2)
B2 Binning Opto- Coupled (cannot be fitted with B1)
D1 0 to +40Vdc/0 to +100mAdc bias (internal)
D2 Negative 40 to +40Vdc bias (internal)
E Equivalent Circuit Analysis
L Data Logger Mode
M Multi Measurement Mode