3M 718

3M 718

Static Sensor

The 3M 718 is one of our refurbished Static Sensors.

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Hand-held static sensor locates and measures static voltages, tests air ionizers.

New from 3M, the 718 Static Sensor can help companies competing in the global high-tech marketplace prevent costly losses due to electro static discharge (ESD) damage by playing a vital and valuable role in their own ESD control program.

Easy to use, the hand-held 3M™ 718 Static Sensor is designed to measure static voltages on objects and surfaces arising from electrostatic charge buildups, and can help identify ESD trouble-spots — ensuring product reliability and customer satisfaction which translates into company profits.

As a bonus, when used in conjunction with the 3 MTM Model 718A Air Ionizer Test Kit, the 718 can also be used to verify the operation of air ionizers.

  •  Small-size, lightweight, conductive plastic housing
  •  Membrane switches for Power, Range/Zero, and Hold
  •  Digital, LCD (liquid-crystal) display is easy to read and
    updates quickly.
  •  Ranging system assists user in making quick and easy
  •  Measurements accurate to 5%
  •  Output jack available for continuous measurements