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3M 746

3M 746

Wrist Strap tester, AC Powered

The 3M 746 is one of our used Wrist Strap Testers that is AC Powered.

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The Wrist Strap Tester 746 is a compact unit that makes it easy to test a wrist strap frequently and regularly while wearing it and runs on either battery or AC power.

The unit can be used to test wrist straps in a variety of situations, from daily testing in a production facility to periodic testing at remote sites or field service locations.

This versatility allows the 746 to be the standard for all applications in your company.

The 746 is supplied with an AC adapter, but it also contains a long-life lithium battery as back-up power for portable applications or during power failures. (A "battery" light notifies the user when the battery needs replacement.)

As with other 3M Wrist Strap Testers, the 746 is easy to use. It can test the entire wrist strap system while it is being worn, or it can test the individual components to isolate an identified fault condition.