3M MS2

3M MS2

Modular Splicing Rig Kit

The 3M MS2 is one of our used Modular Splicing RIG Kits.

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MS2 splicing simplifies wire joining and terminating operations by allowing many jobs to be performed with the same components,tools,and techniques.Straight forward procedures designed to allow both splicing accuracy and good housekeeping,make the system`s componets easier to master.

Our "Kit" Consists of:

(1) 4041-P Splicing Head & "T" Bar
(1) 4052-T Check Comb
(1) 4051 Wire Insertion & Cut-Off Tool
(1) 4053-PM Seperation Tool
(1) Head Clamp
(1) 4047CST Collapsible Support Tool
(1) 4030 Air/Hydraulic Crimping Unit

(1) Short Traverse Bar
(1) Traverse Clamp with Long Bar
(1) carrying Case