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Acterna T-Berd 107A

Acterna T-Berd 107A T1 Analyzer

T1 Analyzer

The Acterna TTC T-BERD 107A is one of our refurbished T1 Analyzers.

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Acterna TTC T-BERD 107A Features:

  • Monitor Live T1 Circuits
  • Qualify T-Carrier Circuits
  • Monitor VF Channels
  • Verify Fractional T1 service
  • Decode ESF Signal and SLC Datalinks
  • Automatic Configuration
  • Full Span T1 Receiver with Signal Analysis
  • Automated BRIDGTAP and MULTIPAT Testing
  • CSU and NIU Emulation
  • Channel Monitor

The Acterna TTC T-BERD 107A, T1 Analyzer, that provides all the testing capability necessary for troubleshooting the entire T1 span. The TTC Acterna T-BERD 107A quickly and easily performs a full range of T-Carrier testing in the convenience of a lightweight, rugged, handheld package.  

Acterna/TTC/JDSU/WG (Wandel Goltermann) T-BERD 107A - Option Descriptions