Acterna T-Berd 307

Acterna T-Berd 307

DS3 & DS1 Communications Analyzer

The Acterna TTC T-Berd 307 is one of our refurbished DS3 & DS1 Communications Analyzers.

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The Acterna T-BERD 307 Analyzer delivers powerful features that speed testing from a versatile, lightweight battery-powered instrument that is ideal for field service technicians.

Unmatched flexibility means tests can be carried out from a variety of access points. Users can verify tributaries at DS3 access points or use the instrument as a DS1 test instrument.

Timing errors are identified rapidly and the DS1 timing reference can be accessed from either DS3 or DS1 access points.

Acterna T-BERD 307 Features:

  • Handheld instrument specifically designed to fully test DS3 circuits
  • The T-BERD 307 with option 307-1 adds full DS1 testing capability
  • Battery operation typcally provides two hours of continuous operation on a full charge
  • Test complex digital transmission networks rapidly and economically
  • Identify network synchronization problems quickly
  • Combine convenience and power with these rugged yet lightweight test instruments
  • Reduce setup time with automatic configuration