Acterna T-Berd 310

T-BERD 310 Acterna Communication Analyzer

Communications Analyzer

The T-BERD 310 is a communication analyzer from Acterna. A communication analyzer is a superior type of electronic test equipment for physical layer, circuit, and new technology testing. Anyone in the business of testing data networks can use a communication analyzer for the measurement and monitoring of equipment.

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Acterna TTC / JDSU / W&G (Wandel & Goltermann) T-Berd 310 Features:

  • SONET/ SDH/T-Carrier transmission testing from DS1 to OC48/STM-16 rates
  • ATM testing capabilities for DS1,DS3, OC3, and OC12 rates
  • Optical media testing (ORL, IL) at all optical rates up to OC48
  • Upgradeable, rugged, portable unit ideal for use in central office, lab, mobile telephone switching office, and manufacturing floor
  • Combines comprehensive electrical-optical and high-speed optical testing in one dynamic and upgradeable instrument
  • Provides flexible testing platform for central office, laboratory, manufacturing or outside plant environments
  • Maximizes your investment potential with convenient and easy-to-use upgrade options
  • Improves field test process control and tracking with automatic setup and electronic capture of test results via T-BERD AutoMATE


Acterna/TTC/JDSU/WG (Wandel Goltermann) T-Berd 310 - Option Descriptions

Option Item Description
1 DS1, DS0
3 DS1 Insert / 2nd DS3
5 Jitter
10 G.821 Results
11 Three-Slot expansion option
12 FC1300 Transmit/Rcv
2 E1 Drop Option
21 OC-48/1310FC
9A ESF /DS1 Timing Slips
9B Enhanced DS1 Test
14R FC1300, STS1, OC1/3 RCV
14T FC1300, STS1, OC1/3 XMIT
15 OC-3C ATM
17A DS1/DS3 ATM Analysis
20 OC12 ATM Analysis
21 OC-48