ADC Kentrox 72771

ADC Kentrox 72771

DataSMART T1 MAX Quad-port, Add/Drop, AC

The ADC Kentrox 72771 is one of our refurbished DataSMART T1 MAX Quad-port, Add/Drop, AC Units.

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ADC Kentrox 72771 Features:

  • DataSMART T1 MAX Quad-port, Add/Drop, AC
  • Voice, data and video multiplexing
  • Standards-based SNMP management
  • Optional Ethernet connection for SNMP and Telnet management
  • Front-panel LCD and LEDs for simple setup and troubleshooting
  • Software-selectable data ports for flexibility (V.35 and EIA-530)
  • Free DataSMART Installer for Windows and Alarms Utility software
  • Compatible with all major routers, video codecs, voice PBX and other customer premise equipment
  • Supports leased-line, Internet, Frame Relay and frame-based SMDS/ATM DXI network services

The ADC Kentrox 72771 DataSmart Max T1/FT1 multi-port DSU/CSU helps you consolidate traffic at remote sites, and save access charges month after month. By leveraging unused bandwidth and merging voice, data and video traffic onto a single T1 link, you can reduce the number of T1/FT1 lines needed for WAN access.

The DataSMART T1 MAX Quad-Port Add/Drop has enough ports to handle the most complicated voice, video, and data integration applications. As a multiplexer for Frame Relay service, it allows up to four departmental routers to connect to the network and guarantees each department bandwidth and billing autonomy. The Quad-Port Add/Drop can also integrate voice, video, routers, fax, and HDLC traffic such as SNA and X.25.

The 72771 DataSMART MAX DSU/CSU maximizes your network uptime with convenient features, such as optional 10Base-T Ethernet for simplifi ed management. Each DSU/CSU includes a frontpanel LCD for easy local setup and management, along with support for standards-based SNMP management.