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Adtech AX/4000 400120

Adtech AX/4000 400120

16 Slot Mainframe Chassis ONLY for Broadband Test System

The Adtech AX/4000 400120 is one of our used 16 Slot Mainframe Chassis`.
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The mainframe chassis for the AX/4000 Broadband Test System has one slot for the controller card, and sixteen slots for AX/4000 test modules and port interfaces. The AX/4000 chassis provides timing signals and communications between the control module and the test modules.

The AX/4000 chassis includes an Ethernet Control Module that plugs directly into the first slot of the AX/4000 chassis. The Control Module contains an embedded computer system with its own CPU, RAM, flash ROM and UNIX operating system. The module provides a 10/100Base-T Ethernet interface to the AX/4000 chassis.