Advantest D5312B

Advantest D5312B

ISDN Tester

The Advantest D5312B is one of our refurbished ISDN Testers.

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Advantest D5312B Features:

  • Measures I/O Impedance at Four Frequency Points as Recommended by the CCITT
  • Simultaneously Measures Error Rates on Channels B1, B2 and D
  • Allows Jitter Addition of the T/R Line from 1 Hz to 30 kHz (up to 14% at a resolution of 1%)
  • NT Test with Variable T-Line Transmission Phase from -20% to 400% (at a Resolution of 1%)

The Advantest D5312B ISDN tester evaluates layer-1 electrical characteristics of terminal equipment (TE) or network terminators (NT) connected to ISDN basic user network interfaces (S/T point).

By simply connecting the D5312B to a TE or NT, all items recom- mended by CCITT I.430 can be tested easily and quickly.