Advantest Q8221

Advantest Q8221

Optical Power Meter

The Advantest Q8221 is a used Optical Power Meter.
Includes Q81201 850nm LED Unit
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  • Flexible Combination ---- Two-channel, Plug-In System.

  • High Measurement Accuracy.

  • Ensures Accuracy Over the Entire Range of Power and Wavelength.
  • Three Types of High-Sensitivity Sensors Noise Level : -94 dBm.

  • High Power Input Optical Sensor (Q82227) Maximum Input Power : +27 dBm.

  • Low Polarization Dependency Optical Sensors (Q82232, Q82233) : 0.003 dBp-p or less.

  • Sensors with Less Reflection and High-Return-Loss Adaptor with Minimum Reflection.

  • Large-Diameter (5-mmf) Optical Sensor (Q82216). Collective Measurement for Tape Fibers with up to 12 Cores.

  • High Resolution Measurement. Display 0.001 dB/0.0001 dB GPIB Output.

  • High-Speed, High-Throughput Measurement. Max. 100 Times/Second.

  • Recording Function, PDL Measurement Function.