Advantest R6441C

Advantest R6441C

Digital Multimeter with Terminals Dedicated for Floating Current Measurement

The Advantest R6441C is one of our refurbished Digital Multimeters with Terminals Dedicated for Floating Current Measurement.

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The Advantest R6441C digital multimeter was designed for diverse applications.
It is provided with a variety of interfaces for use in R&D sections and production lines; it ensures battery operation for field applications.

Advantest R6441C Features:

  • R6441C: DMM with Terminals Dedicated for Floating Current Measurement.
  • Maximum Display of 199999 (with a Sampling Rate of 2.5 Times/Second) and Maximum Sampling Rate of 80 Times/Second (with Maximum Display of 1999)
  • Standard RS-232C Interface and Optional GPIB Interface and BCD Data Output Units
  • Memory Card (SRAM Card Conforming to JEIDA Ver.4) Ensures Data Compatibility with Personal Computers
  • Various Interfaces Can be Implemented for Automated Measurement
  • Optional Battery Unit Allows the Use as a High- Performance DMM for Field Measurement
  • Diverse and Combination Calculation Functions 
  • Memory Function for Panel Settings (Recalls Previous Condition Settings at Power On
  • Large Easy-to-Read Electron-Ray Indicator Tube
  • Wide Power Range (90 to 250 V)
  • Input Terminal Dedicated for Floating DC/AC Current in 2- and 5-A Ranges