Advantest TQ8210

Advantest TQ8210

Handheld Optical Power Meter

The Advantest TQ8210 is one of our Handheld Optical Power Meters.

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The Advantest TQ8210 is a general-purpose portable optical power meter. It uses either a silicon photodiode sensor (for short wavelengths) or an InGaAs or a germanium photodiode sensor (for long wavelengths). A compact sensor facilitates measurements in clamped places. It is suitable for use in R&D applications for optical telecommunications, laser printers, CD equipment and magneto-optical disks.

Advantest TQ8210 Features:

  • Wavelength Sensitivity Compensation Function for High-Accuracy Absolute Power Measurement
  • 4½-Digit Wide Dynamic Range Measurement
  • -60 dBm High-Sensitivity Measurement for 1.3/1.55 µm
  • MAX Hold Function for Retaining Maximum Power Value
  • Smoothing Function for Stable Measurement
  • LCD with Back Light Enabling the Use on Dark Locations
  • Analog Output Function