Aeroflex/IFR/Marconi 3500A

Aeroflex/IFR/Marconi 3500A

1GHz Handheld RF Communication Test Set

The Aeroflex 3500A is one of our refurbished 1GHz Handheld RF Communication Test Sets.

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Aeroflex 3500A Features:

  • 2 MHz-1GHz operation
  • Transmitter and Receiver testing
  • AM/FM Transceiver testing
  • P25/DMR/NXDN™ digital radio test options
  • Spectrum analyzer with <-136 dBm noise floor
  • Tracking generator for duplex tuning
  • Oscilloscope
  • Save/Recall user setups
  • Antenna and cable tests

The Aeroflex 3500A Radio Test Set was developed to be able to quickly test and verify the operation of complete radio systems. A complete verification of a radio system includes testing of the transmitter and receiver of the radio as well as the duplexers, cables and antennas. The Aeroflex 3500A includes all of these test capabilities in a rugged and light weight package that can operate on a battery for up to 7 hours. This application note will help you to understand how to best utilize all of its capabilities so that you can get the most out of your 3500A.


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