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Agilent EPM-441A

Agilent EPM-441A

Power Meter

The Agilent EPM-441A is a refurbished Single-Channel Power Meter.

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The Agilent EPM-441A is a high performance, single channel power meter. Depending on sensors, available separately, it can measure from -70dBm to +44dBm at frequencies from 100kHz to 110GHz.

Agilent EPM-441A Features:

  • High-performance, single-channel, programmable power meter
  • Fully compatible with the HP 8480 series of power sensors and the ECP series of power sensors
  • Designed for bench and automatic test equipment (ATE) use, the EPM-441A makes fast (up to 200 readings per second with ECP series sensors), accurate and repeatable power measurements
  • Frequency Range: 100kHz to 50GHz and 75GHz to 110GHz, sensor dependent
  • Power Range: -70dBm to +44dBm (100pW to 25W), sensor dependent
  • Power Sensors: Compatible with all HP 8480 series and HP ECP series sensors
  • Single Sensor Dynamic Range: * 90 dB maximum (HP ECP series sensors) * 50 dB maximum (HP 8480 series sensors)
  • Display Units * Absolute: Watts or dBm * Relative: Percent or dB
  • Display Resolution: Selectable resolution of 1.0, 0.1, 0.01 and 0.001 dB in log mode, or 1 to 4 digits in linear mode
  • Default Resolution: 0.01 dB in log mode, 3 digits in linear mode
  • Power Reference - Power Output: 1.00mW (0.0 dBm)


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