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Analogic AN3100

Analogic AN3100

DC Voltage Standard

The Analogic AN3100 is one of our refurbished DC Voltage Standards.

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Analogic AN3100 Features:

  • Dual five decade output ranges: ±11.1110 Volts DC with 100-uV resolution; Main output (Front Panel Terminals); ±111.110 Millivolts DC with 1-uV resolution; Auxiliary Output (Rear Panel Terminals)
  • Warmup to rated accuracy in less than 10 minutes
  • High output current of 50mA; short circuit-proof
  • 10-milliohm output impedance (100 ohms on low output range)
  • No maximum external load capacity
  • Isolated circuitry is unaffected by common mode voltages up to ±500V
  • Front panel ±1 mV vernier


  • Calibrate absolutely to 50 PPM
  • Normalize to 25 PPM
  • Standardize to 15 PPM
  • Verify linearity to 25 PPM
  • Monitor drift to  5 PPM
  • Establish regulation to ±1 uV