Ando AQ6317B

Ando AQ6317B

Optical Spectrum Analyzer

The Ando AQ6317B is one of our Optical Spectrum Analyzers.

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An advanced Optical Spectrum Analyzer for wide range applications, including light source evaluation, measurement of loss wavelength characteristics in optical devices, and waveform analysis of DWDM systems. Offers high-speed synchronous sweep feature to increase wavelength resolution/wide dynamic range when used with an AQ4321 Tunable Laser Source.

Ando AQ6317B Features:

  • 9.4-inch Color LCD
  • Three individual trace memories
  • Wide dynamic range for 50 GHz DWDM signals: 70 dB
  • High wavelength resolution:0.015nm
  • Accurate within ±0.3 dB