Anritsu 560-98K50

Anritsu 560-98K50

40GHz Autotester

The Anritsu 560-98K50 is one of our refurbished 40GHz Autotesters.

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Anritsu 560-98K50 Features:

  • Frequency range:  10 MHz to 40 GHz
  • Directivity: 35 dB (10 MHz to 18 GHz) 32 dB (19 GHz to 26.5 GHz), 30 dB (26.5 GHz to 40 GHz)
  • Insertion loss: 6.5 dB nominal
  • Maximum input power: 0.5 W
  • Input Port Impedance: 50 OLm
  • Detector output polarity: negative
  • Cable Length: 4 ft.
  • Test port connector: Type K
  • Shipping weight: 2lbs

The Anritsu 560-98K50 SWR Autotester integrates a high directivity bridge, a dector, a low reflection test port, a precision reference termination, and a connecting cable.  The 560-98K50 is a broadband microwave measurement component that is used with the model 56400A and 562 Scalar Network Analyzers and with Series 541XXA, 540XXA, and 54XXA Scalar Measurement Systems for making fixed-frequency and swept-frequency return loss (SWR) measurements.  Return loss measurements are used over a wide range of radio and microwave frequencies to check the performance of systems, subsystems, and microwave components such as amplifiers, directional couplers, attenuators, filters, splitters, and terminations.