Anritsu 69169A

Anritsu 69169A

Low Noise Synthesized Sweep Generator

The Anritsu 69169A is one of our Low Noise Synthesized Sweep Generators.

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The Anritsu 69169A signal generator is an electronic instrument that generates repeating electronic signals. It contains an electronic oscillator, a circuit that is capable of creating a repetitive waveform.


  • Ultra-low SSB phase noise
  • Self-test
  • Secure mode
  • Reset
  • Master/slave operation
  • User level flatness correction
  • 360B SS Mode
  • Output Accuracy : 2dB

Performance Characteristics of the 69169A

  • Form Factor Benchtop 
  • Minimum Frequency 0.01 GHz 
  • Maximum Frequency 40 GHz 
  • Frequency Resolution 1 kHz 
  • Frequency Switching Time 40 ms 
  • Time base stability 0.00000002 /day 
  • Minimum Output Power -15 dBm 
  • Maximum Output Power 13 dBm 
  • Power Resolution 0.01 dB 
  • Output Accuracy 2 dB 
  • Output Level Switching Time 20 ms 
  • Output Impedance 50 Ohm 
  • Minimum Single-Side-Band Noise -105 dBc/Hz 
  • Maximum Single-Side-Band Noise -60 dBc/Hz 
  • Harmonics (noise) -40 dBc 
  • Non-harmonics (noise) -40 dBc 
  • Modulation AM,FM,Pulse 
  • External Modulation Inputs(Types) Yes 
  • Sweep Modes Alternate,Analog,Power,Step 
  • Maximum points of step sweep 10000 pt/sec 

Programmability/Connectivity of the 69169A

  • User Interface Proprietary
  • Ports to Peripheral Devices GPIB 
  • Test Pattern Storage 9 Patterns 

69169A Compliance
CE Compliance Compliant 
UL Compliance Not compliant 

69169A Power Requirements
Input Power Universal (Auto Sense and Switch) 

69169A Physical Dimensions
Width: (N/A)
Height: 133 mm(5.23 in)
Length: 597 mm(23.5 in)
Weight: 23 kg(50.7 lb)