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Anritsu MA2437A

Anritsu MA2437A

Power Meter

The Anritsu MA2437A is one of our used Power Meters.

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The 90 dB range MA247xD Series Power Sensors high sensitivity reaches stable power readings to -70 dBm. 35 kHz sample rates profile cellular, PCS and other pulsed signals to 0.1 msec resolution. Modern connector technology achieves industry leading return loss for improved accuracy through 50 GHz. The 87 dB range MA244xD Series High Accuracy Sensors further improve return loss performance by adding a matching circuit to the MA247xD Series front end.



  • 90 dB dynamic range
    • Typical communications industry ATE systems operate over a 60 to 80 dB dynamic range. The MA247xD Series' 90 dB dynamic range replaces two 50 dB sensors. Further an RF switch is no longer needed for the two sensors. This reduces software control complexity and further speeds test execution.
  • Sensor EEPROM
    • All MA24xx Series sensors are equipped with internal EEPROMs for storage of calibration factor data vs. frequency. This allows the power meter to interpolate and correct readings automatically, improving accuracy and convenience.
      Improved accuracy.  Mismatch uncertainty is typically the largest source of error. The MA24xx Series Power Sensors offer a typical 5 to 6 dB improvement in sensor return loss, typically cutting mismatch uncertainty in half. The MA244xD series High Accuracy Sensors incorporate a matching pad which further improves return loss by 5 to 6 dB - again halving mismatch uncertainty.
  • Offset table for path loss correction
    • Compensating for the true frequency response of attenuators, couplers, cables, switches and other test setup devices improves measurement accuracy. For this reason, the ML2430A Series can apply an offset table of attenuation-versus-frequency in addition to the traditional fixed dB offset capability. When a power sensor connection is preceded with a new 1N series wideband power limiter, the offset table compensates for frequency response. Thus, the combination achieves an accurate, burnout-proof sensor.
  • Battery
    • The optional NiMH Smart battery supports high charge density for a typical 8 hour day of operation. Accurate fuel gauging, <2 hour fast charge cycling, and the elimination of NiCd style memory effect further enhances the convenience of this battery technology.
  • Voltmeter
    • The ML2430A Series also supports high speed voltage measurement. A rear panel BNC measures voltage or operates as V/GHz input supporting automated sensor calibration factor correction