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Anritsu ME522A

Anritsu ME522A

Error Rate Test System

The Anritsu ME522A is one of our refurbished Error Rate Test Systems.

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Anritsu/Wiltron ME522A Features:

  • Anritsu ME522A PCM Measuring Instrument/ Error Rate Measuring Set consits of receiver and transmitter unit. It covers the 1 to 700 MHz frequency range, up to 1,4 GHz using a plugin.
  • Built-in synthesizer
  • Abundant measuring patterns
  • Flexible input/output interface. Level, waveform, and impedance can be set according to the system
  • Powerful error measuring functions
  • HP-IB control
  • Receiver: The receiver comes with MH677A demultiplexer. Operating frequency reaches from 700 MHz to 1,4 GHz (input) and 350 to 700 MHz (output).
  • Built-in recorder.
  • Transmitter: The transmitter comes with U/B converter MH5104A which provides a 564,992 ± 6 MHz operating frequency.


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