Anritsu MG3694A

Anritsu MG3694A

Synthesized CW Generator, 2 to 40 GHz

The Anritsu MG3694A is one of our refurbished Synythesized CW Generators.

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The Anritsu MG3694A signal generator is an electronic instrument that generates repeating electronic signals.

It contains an electronic oscillator, a circuit that is capable of creating a repetitive waveform.

Anritsu MG3694A Features:

  • 2 to 40 GHz
  • Resolution - 0.01 Hz
  • Phase Offset - 0.1 dB steps
  • RF Frequency Coverage Extension, down to 0.1 Hz

Anritsu MG3694A - Option Descriptions

Option Item Description
15D High Power Output
25A Full Modulation Suite
2B 110 dB Mechanical Step Attenuator
3 Ultra Low Phase Noise, main band>2 GHz
4 RF Coverage 0.01 to 2.2 GHz, with Digital Down Converter for ultra-low phase noise
6 Analog Sweep