Anritsu MG3697C

Anritsu MG3697C

2-67GHz Signal Generator

The Anritsu/Wiltron MG3697C is one of our refurbished 2-67 GHz Signal Generators.

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Anritsu/Wiltron MG3697C Features:

  • Industry Best Broad Frequency Coverage
    • 0.1 Hz to 67 GHz in a single coaxial output.
    • Generation of baseband, IF, RF and Microwave signals from one box maximizes use of equipment.
  • Industry Best Phase Noise
    • Ideal for LO substitution and clock generation applications. 
  • Industry Best Pulse Modulation
    • 100 ns leveled pulse widths with 10 ns resolution along with the ability to generate single, doublet, triplet, and quadruplet pulses.
    • Most comprehensive emulation and test of high performance narrow pulse radars. 
  • Fast Switching Speed
    • 5 ms (typical)
    • Greatly reduces test time and increases profitability.
  • Full Analog Modulation
    • Internal and external AM, FM, Phase and Pulse modulation Ideal for any type of analog signal emulation.
  • High Output Power
    • Eliminates the need for any external amplification saving cost.
  • Highly Configurable
    • Many options to configure a system for today’s application and budget, while maintaining value for future upgrades.
  • Highly Reliable


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