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Anritsu MH677A

Anritsu MH677A


The Anritsu MH677A is one of our refurbished Demultiplexers.

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Refurbished In Stock


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Anritsu MH677A Features:

  • Demultiplexer

The Anritsu MH677A is suitable for measuring and developing high-speed digital systems of 700 Mb/s TO 1.4 Gb/s as well as for testing high speed GaAs FET and GaAs ICs, and LD optical devices. The MH677A Demultiplexer receives clock and data signals of 700 Mb/s to 1.4 Gb/s from the measured system. The speed of these signals is halved so that clock and data signals of 350 Mb/s to 700 Mb/s are transmitted.