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Anritsu MP0123A

Anritsu MP0123A

Communication Analyzer Plug In

The Anristu MP0123A is one of our refurbished Communication Analyzer Plug In Modules for the Anritsu MP1552B, MP1555B and 1570A.

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Anristu MP0123A Features:

  • Patterns: 16- Bit Word
  • Patterns: 8-Bit Word
  • Single,Repeat,Manual Modes
  • CellError
  • FM Error
  • BR Error
  • PRBS traffic generation
  • Form Factor: Module (proprietary interface/bus)
  • Optical Test Interface: OC12
  • Electrical Test Interface: STS3C
  • Fits the MP1552B, MP1555B and 1570A slot number 3.

The Anritsu MP0123A supports ATM traffic generation and analysis from 1.5Mb/s to 622Mb/s.This unit's ATM, AAL1, AAL2, AAL3/4 and AAL5 are all supported.

The Anritsu MP0123A is a mapper module designed to create ATM cells inside the various payloads of the system.  The MP0123A fits in the Anritsu MP1552B, MP1555B and MP1570A units in slot number 3. The VPI/VCI for 1023 channels can be detected automatically, and the presence/absence of alarms, ATM cell count, and non-conforming cell count can be displayed graphically for easy comparison of line channel traffic.