Anritsu MP1632A

Anritsu MP1632A Digital Data Analyzer

Digital Data Analyzer

The Anritsu MP1632A is one of our refurbished Digital Data Analyzers.

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Anritsu MP1632A Features:

  • Operating frequency: 50 MHz to 3.2 GHz (1 kHz steps)
  • Incorporates pulse pattern generator and error detector into one cabinet
  • Programmable patterns of 8 Mbit max
  • Ideal for testing STM-16 / OC-48 (2.488 Gbit/sec)
  • Windows-based interface with color touchscreen
  • Includes floppy, GPIB, RS-232, and VGA interfaces
  • Test patterns: PRBS pattern 2n-1(n:7,9,11,15,20,23,31), Consecutive 0s pattern 2n (n:7,9,11,15), Programmable pattern 2 to 8,338,608 bits
  • Interface level: Variable, ECL, PECL, TTL, LVTTL
  • Error rate definition range for eye margin measurement: 1 x 10-n (n:3 to 9)

The Anritsu MP1632A Digital Analyzer is a compact lightweight analyzer combining a transmitter and receiver for performing error detection of high-speed digital data up to 3.2 GHz. This analyzer can measure both continuous and burst signals, which are used in optical circuit tests which cannot be handled by conventional BERTs.

Anritsu MP1632A - Option Descriptions

Option Item Description
01 GPIB interface board
02 Ethernet interface board
03 3.2G internal synthesizer