Anritsu MS420B

Anritsu MS420B

Network/Spectrum Analyzer

The Anritsu MS420B is one of our used Network/Spectrum Analyzers with a 10Hz to 30 MHz range.

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The Anritsu MS420B used Network/Spectrum Analyzers can be  used to analyze a network and spectrum and to measure magnitude, phase and group delay characteristics, level and frequency spectrum in a wide frequency range from 10Hz to 30MHz and an impedance of 75 ohms.

The Anritsu MS420B instrument can be used to test communication lines and devices, test of audio, video devices, analysis of communication cable and optical fiber characteristics, and the analysis of element characteristics (L, C, R, resonator filter, semiconductor, etc.).

Additional features on the MS420B include the ability that all functions can be saved/recalled and that graphics (frequency characteristic) and characters can be displayed simultaneously on a large CRT (6.5").
Amplitude: 100 dB (0.01 dB resolution);
Phase: ±180º (0.1º resolution);
Delay Time: 0~400 mS (0.1 nS min. resolution);
Frequency logarithmic sweep; Level sweep.