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Anritsu MS9701B

MS9701B Anritsu Optical Analyzer

Optical Spectrum Analyzer

The MS9701B is a Optical Analyzer from Anritsu. An optical spectrum analyzer, also called an optical analyzer, is a precision instrument that measures the power of an optical source. This electronic test equipment is for monitoring power distribution over a specified wavelength span. It displays the measurement in a graph, where power is the vertical scale and wavelength is the horizontal scale.

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Product Specifications:


  • Form Factor: Module (proprietary interface/bus)
  • Fiber Type: Singlemode 
  • Minimum Wavelength: 350 nm 
  • Maximum Wavelength: 1750 nm 
  • Minimum Wavelength: Resolution 0.1 nm 
  • Maximum Wavelength: Resolution 10 nm 
  • Minimum Span: 50 nm 
  • Maximum Span: 500 nm 
  • Minimum Input Decibel: -55 dBm 
  • Maximum Input Decibel: 10 dBm 
  • Maximum Dynamic Range: 50 dB 
  • Measurement Accuracy: 1.5 dB 
  • Minimum Sweep Time: 1 s 
  • Maximum Sweep Time: 6 s 

Programmability/Connectivity of the MS9701B
User Interface: Proprietary 
Ports to Peripheral Devices: GPIB 

MS9701B Power Requirements
Input Power Universal (Auto Sense and Switch) 

MS9701B Physical Dimensions
Width: 426 mm(16.77 in)
Height: 177 mm(6.96 in)
Length: 485 mm(19.09 in)
Weight: 28 kg(61.72 lb)