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Anritsu S412D

Anritsu S412D

25MHz-1.6GHz LMR Master Cable Antenna Spectrum Interference and iDEN Modulation Analyzer

The Anritsu S412D is one of our refurbished LMR Master Cable Antenna Spectrum Interference and iDEN Modulation Analyzers.

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10, 25, 31, 522 $8,666.00



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Anritsu S412D Features:

  • Cable and Antenna Analyzer
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Power Meter
  • High Accuracy Power Meter
  • Channel Scanner
  • Transmission Measurement
  • Interference Analyzer
  • GPS Receiver
  • P25 Signal Analyzer
  • P25 Talk-Out Coverage Measurements
  • iDEN Signal Analyzer
  • Variable Bias Tee
  • CW Signal Generator

The Anritsu S412D LMR Master is the ideal instrument for Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and Public Safety System technicians and engineers testing the RF performance of P25 and iDEN radios in the VHF/UHF, 400 MHz, 700 MHz, and 800 MHz bands.

The high performance 2 MHz to 1600 MHz cable & antenna analyzer can be used to sweep cables and antenna systems. Frequency Domain Reflectrometry (FDR) based Return Loss and VSWR measurements are used to characterize antenna systems. The Distance-To-Fault (DTF) measurement can easily spot poor connections, contamination, damaged cables, and water penetration.

Anritsu S412D - Option Descriptions

Option Item Description
10 Variable Bias Tee
25 Interference Analysis
31 GPS Receiver
522 P25 Talk-Out Coverage